The energy sources that dominate today’s energy economy have raised strong concerns about their price volatility, finite supplies and the catastrophic effects they may have on the environment. These concerns have led the start of the world’s transition into a more sustainable energy infrastructure. This shakeup in the world’s largest industry is bound to create new mega opportunities, while also creating challenges for companies that will struggle to survive and adapt to these changes. Future Energy Corporation brings the vision and expertise required to not only navigate through this challenging transition but also to exploit and spearhead vast opportunities possible as a result of the industry’s evolution into a landscape that will be completely different from what we know it as today.

Business Activities

Micro-Systems & off-grid solutions

Progress towards Future of Energy will demand flexible and adaptable solutions that cater to various needs. Often times the smallest systems can have the largest impact.

Residential Installations

Everyone should be able to produce their own power. By combining the best technologies with the most innovative business models, we help make that a reality.

Commercial Installations

Whether it is a factory looking to lower costs and volatility, or a mall looking to improve the reliability of it's power sources, FEC works with forward-thinking establishments to harness the power of renewables to their advantage.

Utilities &

Renewables will form the core of national power grids around the world in the near future. We integrate bulk generation from renewable energies into the global energy mix.

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction

Operations & Maintenance

Project Development


Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC)

We design and engineer our systems to survive the harshest environmental conditions. Whether its Category 4 Hurricanes in the Caribbean with wind speeds exceeding 250 km/h or desert conditions in the middle east with temperatures approaching 50 degrees celsius, Our reputation is in the quality of our work and we take pride in delivering systems that can achieve high performance and long lifetimes in harsh operating environments.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our services optimize system production for increased asset revenue thus protecting the value of the investment and increasing its lifetime, This reduces risk for clients, investors, and grid operators who can rely on a safe and reliable flow of clean power.


Financial constraints should never get in the way of an energy project with sound fundamentals. We work across different markets in which we operate to ensure that our clients have the options they need to generate their own power. Whether its means creating new financial products in the market or using our internal capital to finance a new business model to demonstrate its attractiveness for other financing parties to follow suit.

Project Development

Before large renewable energy projects can come to life, a 2-3 year period of ground work known in the industry as project development takes place. Project development includes securing a power purchase agreement (PPA), Securing a project site, completing a variety of environmental, technical and geological site studies, completing project permitting. negotiating contracts with subcontractors. Ensuring that no steps were missed in the project development stage and all stages were done with high attention to detail is crtical in developing a high value asset that can quickly complete due diligence from banks and other third parties necessary for project completion.

Shaping the Energy Agenda


To propel the national energy agenda forward in some of the regions we work in and help orient it along the lines of global best practices, we bring together leaders from the global power sector, influential investors, high-profile businessmen & decision makers from the local government. Our summits provide a platform to shape the regional energy agenda and discuss the latest industry developments, opportunities and challenges

The Future of Energy in the Caribbean
8-9th of February, 2016
The Future of Energy in Egypt
26-27th of September, 2016

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Future Energy Corporation is a leading global Power Developer with experience spanning the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Across geographies and sectors, FEC specializes in pioneering business models that bring the most advanced technologies to the markets we operate in.

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